Print Collective zines

#3 ‘Red’

Open for submission
18 Jan – 29 February (midnight)

1 A5 grayscale or black&white image/text, to be printed in red.

Print Collective has a regular collaborative zine that we design, print and bind at DIY Space using our community Risograph.

We take a colour of riso ink as the theme for each issue and put out an open call. So far we’ve made ‘pink’ and ‘blue’ feat. over 70 artists from all over the world.

Our next issue ‘red’ is now open for submissions. Closing date is Saturday 29th February 2020, at midnight.

For ‘red’, specifications are:

  1. One image or text piece, or mixed, at A5 (148mm x 210mm) or smaller, to
  2. Any text sized 10pt or over
  3. Black and white or greyscale, no CMYK or RGB
  4. 5mm border of white around your image; if you send us a full bleed image (ie to the edge of the paper), we will add a small white border around it/ trim equivalent border from the piece.
  5. We design and produce the zine collectively so will look at how we can creatively format it and stay in budget. We might include two entries per page, or some overlap of images.
  6. Pdfs, png, jpg’s preferred at resolution of 300 dpi+. you can also send a word document or copy and paste your text into an email (with this option, you might lose your original formatting.)
  7. Say how/if you want to be credited, can be an anonymous piece, your instagram, given name, name of your choice etc.
  8. If you like to, can tell us something about the piece or yourself. Why do you want it in red, what does that color mean to you – when/ where did you make it? What or who was influencing you when you made it? We might include a little of this in the zine, team editing it also like to hear about it.
  9. We give a free copy of zine to everyone that submits. The zines we sell to cover cost of materials and any extra to pay for future collaborative works and posting zines to international contributors.

Any questions about the zines, or your artwork please email

Looking forward to seeing what you submit <3