Only members can book the spaces at DIY Space For London.  We would love to hear from you about any events you’d like to run in the space. If you’re not a member just yet, it’s easy to join first! Do pop down and check out the space (weekends are best) before emailing if you’ve not visited as this can answer many questions you may have.

View a floor plan of the space here

Our Booking Information and Agreement (updated March 2020) contains all the information you will need to read and agree to in order to hold an event at the space and includes our licensing and tech spec.

Please read it, then use the form below to make a booking request and our Events and Programming Collective will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for the cost of your event.

Our (minimal!) hire fees support the space’s very high running costs and help to subsidise the solidarity rates which are available for some events.


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The Events Collective will get back to you about your booking request as soon as possible. If you need to get in touch don’t hesitate to email:

Please remember DIY Space is Volunteer Run!

Any Qs, Ideas or other comments to: