Can You Help?

Rising costs and decreasing numbers of volunteers mean that DIY Space is at risk of closure at the moment when our community needs us most. Join the fight and help us rebuild the space to secure a sustainable future.

It’s a difficult moment to be a small community organisation, especially one that prioritises arts, being accessible and serving under-resourced communities over profit. From running a Free University to First Timers Workshops & Festival from Printing Workshops to weekly pay-what-you-can Yoga we’re home to a diverse range of activities.

For a long time we’ve tried to run on a shoestring, charging as little as possible, and doing as much as we can. But this is wearing down our community and undermining our ability to be a platform for DIY Arts, collective learning and radical care.

We need your support to relaunch the space. We need donations, members, friends and volunteers, to renew your commitment and fight for us to exist. If 10% of the people receiving this email donated £5 now and volunteered once with us next year we’d have the support we needed to relaunch the space.

If I support you then what changes?

DSFL isn’t working right now. We want to change the model of the space to reach out to the local community more proactively, fundraise more widely, grow our volunteer base and offer them better training and wellbeing support. Ultimately we want to secure our long term future in Southeast London and become even more of a community hub.

What can you do to help?

  • Put on an Event
    All members can book the space for an event. We have a sliding scale hire rate ensuring that for DIY promoters we are as accessible in terms of cost as we can afford to be. Check the comprehensive booking information & agreement and then complete the booking form.
  • Give Money
    Whether it is a one-off donation or a regular ‘friends’ payment – every little helps! Donations can be just £2. You can also donate in person when you are at the space – we accept cash in the jar on the bar (or you can donate by card).
  • Share Your Testimonial
    Both for this campaign and going forward applying for funding, we need to demonstrate the positive impact that the space has provided. Whether you have put on an event or just attended one (or more) please add your thoughts to our impact report form.
  • Share Our Campaign
    This is more important than you might imagine. There are a lot of people who would probably support the space if they knew about what we have achieved and the impact we have had. 

Thanks for your support over the last four years. And here’s to four more (at least).

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