Friends of DIY Space

We are a totally independent volunteer-run community centre and gig venue run as a members’ club. We’ve been open at our home just off Old Kent Road, South London since September 2015, and during that time have hosted hundreds of bands, helped raise thousands for local and international causes, and provided a home for organising meetings, forums, screenings, festivals, fairs, swaps and much more. Even with the income from our bar, we still need to pull out all the stops to meet our costs that including bills currently run at £4,500-5000 a month.

Since the early days of the project, we’ve been helped by supporters who, in addition to their £2 a year membership, chuck us a few quid every month to help sustain the space.

Interested? Sign up below! You can pay by card or PayPal.

Make sure to keep it marked as a monthly donation to join the Friends scheme, although one off donations are always welcome and appreciated if that’s what you’d prefer.

Please note: the ‘Friends of DIY Space’ scheme is entirely separate from membership of the space and does not confer any additional privileges or status upon members or non-members within the space. It is a fundraising scheme only. If you wish to attend licensed events at DSFL, you will still need to become a member or be a guest of a member. Membership is £2 per year. Join here: