Print Collective — Risograph

DIY Space houses a RP3700 A3 risograph with red, green, hunter green, burgundy, yellow, bright blue, medium blue, fluorescent pink & black inks, and an RZ200 A4 risograph with fluro pink, bright blue, yellow, red, and black inks.

We run timetabled open-access days for simple jobs and drop-in inductions, and out-of-hours sessions for everything else.


DIY Space licensing means everybody using the Risographs has to be a member or member’s guest of DIY Space for London. Membership is £2 a year and takes a couple minutes to sign-up to online with immediate effect; you can join here.

As members of DIY Space we have a code of conduct, our accountability agreement for everybody using the Space.

We also have practical riso studio guidelines for all members to familiarise themselves with. 

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for print collective or DIY Space, speak to a studio facilitator, check the website or come along to one of our monthly meetings, likewise any questions about how the studio works ask them, or email in.


Instagram: @dsflprintcollective

Facebook: printcollectivedsfl

💌 Email:


We print the studio so that people unable to afford printing with Risograph elsewhere can do it with us.

Studio members pay for 

  • Inductions 
  • Consumables
  • Private support and workshops. 

All money we make goes toward rent and bills, machine and studio maintenance, volunteer transport, new equipment.

Every type of payment we offer a sliding scale, and ask studio users to assess honestly where you are on the income or capital scale when making payments. 

Every few months we review our income and outgoings. We decide collectively what to do with any profit, and what to do if we’re making a loss.

The print studio is volunteer-run and we recently got a rent increase, request people to please give generously where they can.


OPEN 12pm-7pm every fortnight (email/check Instagram for current dates)

Jobs of 2 masters (A4 or A3) only – larger jobs by appointment (see below)

All users must be inducted on the machines and follow the studio guidelines, pay for consummables as they go and record usage/problems encountered in the log-book.  


The Riso Room also functions as a meeting room, a chill-out room during events, and space for private hire.

Outside of these bookings we can however offer inductions, workshops and special jobs by appointment.

This includes jobs using 2+ Masters, or groups of over 4 people, or if you’re unavailable during the timeslots of open access.

We are a volunteer run studio so will be unable to meet all requests. We will prioritize jobs and inductions for group projects that are based around community, youth and activist work in these situations.

Price varies and we can decide to waive fees on a case-by-case basis, please email us with information about your project for more information.


After inductions consumables are pay-as-you-go.

Per Master on A3 Riso (at any size: A4, A3, A5 etc): £3–10

Master on A4 Riso: £1-6

For jobs printing over 100 sheets, extra donation for ink (preferably £5-20).



Running all day alongside the open access sessions on the hour; no booking required.

Last approximately 1 hour and can be split by a small group (up to 4 people), larger groups please email to organise)

Includes a single colour print run (per individual/group)

Inductions function as a yearly membership. You have the option of renewing your membership yearly for how much you can afford.



Aim for everybody to prepare and print their own work but we can give you extra help or print for you, if you need. Email for more information.


We use plain paper and leftover stocks for inductions, for your own prints please bring your own paper (between 80gsm and 300gsm, and uncoated). There’s some paper at the Space or we can source some for you which we supply on a donation basis.