Print Collective — Screenprinting

In order to be able to use the studio, you need to be already familiar with the process of screen-printing. You can gain experience for free with us by booking an induction and to be able to book the studio for your own projects in the future. Although if you are not looking to use the studio more than a couple of times, or if you only have one project in particular that you would like to be able to make, you can book a tailored workshop with one of our volunteers instead.

The Studio:

The studio is limited for screens of maximum size up to A3 (20″ x 24″). Only water based ink can be used in the studio. You can print onto paper and fabric, only cotton fabric is allowed. In term of equipment, the studio is equipped with principally a vacuum print bench for printing onto paper, a 4 colours carousel for cotton garments / totes / fabric,  a heat-press, a flash cure dryer, an UV exposure unit, a digital printer, a drying cabinet for screens, a heat-gun, heaters, a sink, a jet wash, and a drying rack. The studio has 10 screens available to users. Tools and Materials: tape rolls, rulers, rounded knives, sponges, paper towel roll, pens, pencils, bin, tack, gloves, trough, mixing pots, scissors, squeegees, clips and clamps, staple gun, 20 screens 43t, 55t, 62t, 90t and 120t.

If you are a beginner:

We offer a 2 Hrs free course to get you started and which cover some of the basic history, mechanics, and a presentation of the materials involved in the technique. This free session is divided in one hour theory and one hour practice during which you will prepare a screen and print. This session is totally free and all materials and design are provided by us.

If you already know about the process and have experience with screen-printing:

In order to be able to book the studio, you will need to attend a ‘studio induction’. This session lasts about 2 Hrs, and costs £35 (one-time fee only). This induction is about how to use of the equipment in the studio more specifically as well as how to use the space safely. Once you will have had a ‘studio induction’, you will be able to book the studio anytime in the future for your own print projects.  It lasts for two hours. It’s divided in two parts with first a presentation of the studio, the equipment, tools, and materials used as well as the few guidelines and rules in place. Secondly you will make a screen on your own using the equipment and materials in the studio and while learning on how to operate each station from one of the two technicians volunteering for the collective, Dave or Kevin, depending on the periods. 

You will print one colour onto a tote bag or a t-shirt that is given to you. The studio provides everything during inductions, including the design, although we have quite a few to choose from.

Booking the studio: (Induction see above)

Bookings are made at least 3 days in advance and depend on availability. Hiring the studio costs £5 per hour and you are required to provide your own screen(s) and your own ink(s). The rest of the materials and tools are provided by the studio, although you are welcome to use your own if you prefer. Additionally, we offer one coat of photo-emulsion per user and per day. Any additional coat of photo-emulsion required for your screens will cost £5 per coat. You are welcome to use your own photo-emulsion although be aware that different brands and types may require that you test the time of exposure for best results. You should also provide your own substrates when booking the studio (cotton garments / fabric or paper, to print onto). If you require to buy materials from us, we charge £5 per day for one screen, and £6 for 250mg of ink (£12 = 500mg, £24 = 1Kg). You should let us know in advance when booking the studio if you will require to buy these materials from us. You should be able to provide your own print on acetate / transparent film positive but if you require to have your acetate printed by us at the studio, it will cost you £3 per film.

Acetate film positives:

Acetate film positive can be printed at the studio for £3 each on size A3.

Your file need to be at the right size that you want it printed (A3 maX), in resolution 300 dpi. This file must be bitmap or vector 100% black and 100% white, and in format JPEG or PDF.

While booking the studio, you should let us know that you will require an acetate film positive to be printed. 

Our digital printer is not capable of printing intricate and fine details in the artwork such as haltones.

You can use any print shop instead. For example, SBS Printers in Greenwich (Laser – £1.70 each) or Hexio on Old Kent Road (High black density exposure film positive – £12 min. set-up for size A3 + added price per inch for size up).

You can contact these companies directly and send them your files to be ready for collection.

Our partner screen printing supplier:

If you are looking to buy screen(s) and ink(s), we would recommend Screen Printing World, who is our partner supplier of the Print Collective and who will offer you a discount of 5% when ordering online with them. Just make sure to register an account with them on their website and use the discount code: DSFL5 when placing your order.

Screens: (this link is showing the maximum size of screen that you can use in the studio):



Please note:

– We offer one free coat of photo-emulsion per user, per day. Any additional coat is charge £5 each. You are welcome to provide your own photo-emulsion too, remember that it will go off after 3 to 6 months once activated. Also keep in mind that running exposure tests may be required depending on the emulsion that you will provide.

– Note that we do not store the users’ screen(s), ink(s), or any other materials for more than a week at a time. Typically, you will need to come in with your screen(s) and your ink(s), and take them with you when leaving the studio.

– You will need to provide your own substrate to print onto (t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, pants, tote bags, fabric patches, or paper, card, etc…). Only use water based ink and only cotton fabric in the studio. We do not allow any plastisol ink, discharge ink, vinyl ink, or any solvent ink to be used in the studio. Also, we do not allow printing onto blend fabric any more than to 30% polyester fabric blended with cotton.

You can buy small or large t-shirts quantities of garments and accessories through us which we get from suppliers such as Ralawise or Continental.

I hope this was useful and informative. If you would like to ask questions, or to book, feel free to text or call Kevin on 07757384518.